Updated February 11, 2020
Somesville Union Meeting House
United Church of Christ - Open & Affirming, Just Peace Church
1132 Main St, Mt Desert, ME 04660 (207) 244-9260

Worship Services Sundays at 10:30 a.m.
Sunday School follows the Time with Children in the worship service.

Communion—First Sunday of the month.

    Sun. Feb. 16th - Evolution Sunday
  "Climate Change" Ps. 104:1-14, Matt. 16:1-4

     Sun. Feb. 23rd - Transfiguration 
           "Shining Light" Matt. 17:1-9

Sun. Mar. 1st - 1st Sunday in Lent
"Vision Quest" Matt. 4:1-11

Please visit us on Facebook for more news and photos from our many community events. ALL ARE WELCOME!
 The UCC Calendar of Prayer is updated daily with scriptures and reflections.

We are an Open & Affirming Congregation.
All are welcome!

We covenant with God and with one another and bind ourselves in the presence of God to live together in all God’s ways as they are revealed to us through our faith in Jesus Christ. We declare ourselves to be an Open and Affirming congregation as set forth in the Open and Affirming Statement approved by the Church membership January 28, 1996. We pledge our welcome to all persons of every race, age, marital standing, gender, economic status, nationality, and sexual orientation into the full life and ministry of this community of faith, including membership, leadership and employment. We declare ourselves to be a Just Peace Church as set forth in the Resolution approved by the Church membership on January 27, 2008. We join hands and resources with our sisters and brothers in the United Church of Christ and all other persons who commit themselves to be living witnesses for justice and peace.